Alexander Stewart – i wish you cheated is yours Lyrics

Alexander Stewart i wish you cheated is yours Lyrics

I’m anxious
Kinda sad
Hard to be your best when you lost the best you had
Spending days just on my phone
Wondering where it all went wrong
I’m nervous
Pretty wired
I said your name too much
Now my lungs got tired
Thinking maybe I’m to blame
I just need someone to hate

Oh oh oh oh
You made this so damn hard for me
You and your god damn honesty
It got me thinking

I wish you woulda cheated
And smashed my heart to pieces
I wish I had a reason I could hate your guts for leaving
I wish you were the villain
A psycho with no feelings
So how do I move on
When you did nothing wrong
Wish you did something wrong
But you did nothing wrong

Know it’s messed up
Kinda bad
But I wish we didn’t talk and you just left like that
I’d be angry instead of numb
Dammit who have I become

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Adam Yaron, Alexander Stewart, Rollo, Thomas Michel, Tms
  • Album: i wish you cheated is yours
  • Released: 2023