BELO SALO – made it out Lyrics

BELO SALO made it out Lyrics (feat. A-Reece)

Yuh yuh yuh
Huh yuh huh

I was at the bottom tryna make it out ,
Now look at how I overlap my demons now
I’m high up with the angels yeah I’m in the clouds
You used to look down n**** look up now
(Look at how I’m living now)
(You used to look down down)

I cannot forgive you but I’ll pray for you
I don’t even know what I should say to you
I know the truth just like john q, I know would’ve gave my heart to you
I guess you never had nobody go this hard for you
You got too comfortable , I tried to think of better dayz just like pac would do
You were looking down on me tryna empower you ,
Some shit I wouldn’t do if I was you
Pray for my enemies misery loves company
So watch the company you keep
(Yeah , look at how I’m living now)

Look at how im living
Knew that I destined I would live this
On my way up keep a distance
On my way keep a distance
Keep a distance yeah
Keep a distance yeah
Keep a distance yeah from me

What’s the occasion I’ll rise to it maya angelou
Give me word? I will smith it I’m a bad boy
Impeccable with the diction paulo coehlo
Belo salo diverting chilly weather to red hot ,
Santiago- committing so much arson maybe I should join diablo
Ibeen the alchemist on this voyage I bet that yall know
Guarded by the angels but I got a halo
Saving grace to the game like beyonce they know
Yeah they know

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: BELO SALO, A-Reece
  • Album: CHOZEN REJECTboi
  • Released: 2023