Ben Howard – Days Of Lantana Lyrics

Ben Howard Days Of Lantana Lyrics

Agatha and I go
Down to the courtyard, singing
Last year’s Sundays in the river of time

Agatha and I go down to the citadel Sunday
Red church bells
And the moon on the rise

If you were to tell her
Days are numbered
I’d break the teeth in your fake-ass smile

Maybe in a rare wind
Maybe in a month of Sundays
Maybe in a war, I would still read the wrong signs

But I don’t mind it
Being in the darkness, baby
To be by your side
I would walk the Nile twice

Days of lantana
Each saint with a cross and a hammer
Of the Cherenkov kind

So we go walking
Birds at the window, talking
In the faint June shine

Agatha and I go
Down to the citadel, winning
Things that graciously came to mind

Gathering the day in
Some make arrangements
Some know the way and they just walk a straight line

Well, Curly’s a baker’s boy
Living for the harvest nights
Turns to me, says something like
‘The world only turns twice

Once for the laughter
Once for the memories after
All the rest is just kicking through the weather and the fines’

So we go dancing, well
Twist turns and all things fancy
‘I blame the baker boy’
That’s what I had on my mind

You in the here now
Me in the far bar
I’d wait forever if they gave me enough time

Outside, walking, no
Birds at the window, talking
Iterations of the faint June shine

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Ben Howard, Mickey Smith
  • Album: Is It?
  • Released: 2023