Blasian Baddie – Daily Duppy Lyrics

Blasian Baddie Daily Duppy Lyrics

When I step in my Nikes I ain’t coming to play pretty face and I got no chill
Could’ve seen me at Wembley the way i been out in the field
Like a lioness I lead my team of queens from the block to the hills
We ain’t taking ls we taking wins can’t finish the game on nil, no

Top bins we winning, hit it out the park and I keep on kicking
I’ve had ambition and kept on grinding
& I make alarms start ringing

Ima hit my goals like Lauren James you can call me a striker
I’ve had some battles destiny’s child cos ima survivor
No time for a hater dodge that viper
Earned my stripes but I’m not no tiger
Worked my way to the top now all my girls stay fire fire

[Japanese Part]

Gotta speak with chest
When you’re leading some of the country’s best
Countless times saw my people stressed now it’s countless times that we’re feeling blessed

I’m working hard from east to west then north to south gonna see me next
Unmatched when I put the pen to pad relentless till all my goals are met

Fearless when I’m in the face of doubt that’s what makes me a lioness
Jill Scott I got the energy energy
Can’t step into this lions den

Been down on my luck before but I ain’t lose hope still going for goal
Stand strong for my team like Lucy Bronze but I got a heart of gold
Head in the game like wubbon , they can try push my buttons but I’m in control

You can tell that I’m ready for war
Up front and ready to score
Lioness & they scared of the roar
Im on the field they watch from indoors

Steer the ship like Williamson, bring fans, big brands bring millions in
Nike drip I’m dribbling in
Big plans, make plays, we winning again

On or off the pitch I’m a star
Hit the field take shots like AR’s
From point blank or risk it from far
All hits no miss don’t need VAR

I stay on my grind don’t take no detour
Whole team blowing up, C4
Stacking these wins but I need more
Put on for my country, make waves like the seashore

Like a lioness I protect what’s mine, don’t cross that line or ur offside
Blood, sweat and tears, I don’t have no fear, and I ain’t even done at full time
I’m pretty and litty my whole city with me I know I’m the trophy they hold high
Like a lioness, I got my pride & they with me whenever it’s go time

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Blasian Baddie
  • Album: Daily Duppy
  • Released: 2023