Blind Channel – Don’t Fix Me Lyrics

Blind Channel Don’t Fix Me Lyrics

I’m a shipwreck
Lying in the bottom of the ocean
I can’t handle my emotions
I’mma chase those fuckers anyway
All she left and now I’m antisocial

I’mma gamble my devotion
For these cheap thrills anyday
I don’t want your medication, no
I don’t need your education
Jetset life is only gonna drive me crazy
I won’t change it
On my deathbed you’re only gonna hear me say
Don’t fix me
Let me bleed out
Leave me open
No, don’t fix me
Maybe I was born to be broken

I’m dead inside
And it’salright
So don’t fix me
Don’t fix me
People wanna healthy diet
In a peaceful climate and a house to hide in
Last night I lost my driver’s licence
To a girl who said she was Miley Cyrus
Oh damn, I’m on autopilot

I’m a broken hearted starving artist
Going through a crisis, empty pockets
Ain’t nobody gonna tell me about what life is
I don’t need your diagnosis, no
You can keep your love and roses
Violent popper on his way to see a doctor
I got lost, woke up in Compton
I thought fuck it, it’s just rock’n’roll

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Aleksi Kaunisvesi, Joel Hokka, Joonas Porko, Niko Moilanen, Olli Matela, Tommi Lalli
  • Album: Lifestyles of the Sick and Dangerous
  • Released: 2022