Blur – The Everglades (For Leonard) Lyrics

Blur The Everglades For Leonard Lyrics

You of grace
Many ghosts alive in my mind
Many paths I wish I’d taken
Many times I thought I’d break
Because in kind it seems to be
A way beyond the bends
There be songs to play
There be grace for everyone
And calmer days will arrive
And we would not need to ask

Why everything in this world
Been lost ever since
And we’re not giving in
We’re not gonna shy away
We’re growing tall with the pain
We’re searching the everglades
And suing God with change
And further more I think it’s just too late

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: A. James, D. Albarn, D. Rowntree, G. Coxon
  • Album: The Ballad of Darren
  • Released: 2023