Booka600 & Lil Durk – Relentless Lyrics

Booka600 Relentless Lyrics, Relentless Lyrics by Booka600 & Lil Durk


I’m not a part of the case but I guess I’m a tourist
I’ma take care of Jusblow like it’s one of my chores
I was trackin’ down my flows, I could never ignore you
And I was ridin’ in that Wraith, you told me keep it goin’
I wasn’t puttin’ shit passed, damn, I knew it was comin’
I could tell the devil passed and I see his horns
I could see the rain passin’, I’m in a storm
I didn’t know I was doin’ the dash with my Styrofoam
Even though I’m fuckin’ his bitch, I keep my bitch at home
And I know I got some killers but I do my shit alone

When I talk about my past, that shit gon’ haunt me strong (Shit gon’ haunt me strong)
I know one thing, if they catch me, they gon’ do me wrong (They gon’ do me wrong)
I ain’t even tryin’ bring up stories about my daddy, mm-mmm
I done went gold in them streets, I don’t want Grammys (I don’t want Grammys)
Hit my first lick and I gave it all to my granny (All to my granny)
Hit a famous bitch and she ain’t even have on panties (Have on panties)

I’m not tryna turn my pain to a love song
I’m just tryna make y’all feel me, hug on me
I’m just givin’ y’all the real me, I won’t rub you wrong
And everybody got that day you gon’ be scars and bones

Love who? I need my family, I need my money, I need my drugs too (I need my drugs too)
I turn her up, way way up, they wanna fuck you (They wanna fuck you)
Can’t catch one nigga, always hidin’, I spent dubs too (I spent dubs too)
They shoot at houses, shoot at cars, they shoot at clubs too (Shoot at clubs too)
I know it hurt you so bad I’m above you (I know it hurt you so bad)
Before he died, I really cried, I told him, “Love you” (I know you died, it’s so sad)
Wish I could hug you (Wish I could hug you)
Wish I could touch you, yeah, yeah (Wish I could touch you)
I get so high, I act too nonchalant when I’m paranoid
When the police die, I laugh, don’t cry, what they did to George Floyd (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And Booka and Boonie my dawgs forever, that’s why I won’t lie to ’em
I see my uncle tryna wash cars, stopped and gave five to him (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Police never solved them murders, that’s a quiet storm (That’s a quiet storm)
Had to pee outside, I can’t lie, my uncle too high in the bathroom (Bathroom)
Voice of the streets, voice of the trenches, I cannot lie to ’em (I cannot lie to ’em)
I ride with my brothers, I love my niggas, and I’d die for ’em (And I’d die for ’em)

I was innocent, couldn’t prove it but I survived through it (I was innocent)
I was indigent, no movin’, house arrest added to it (I was indigent)
I accepted all my pain, I bit the rag for it (I bit the rag)
And they be out to get the gang, it be the task force (It be the task force)
I’m just acceptin’ all this pain but I didn’t ask for it (Acceptin’ all this pain)
These niggas think they run the streets, it’s just a crash course
Lil’ bro just said he dyin’ for me, that shit a bad choice (This shit a bad choice)
One of my brothers I love to death, they callin’ him The Voice (They callin’ him The Voice)
Don’t got no love for another bitch, I just want intercourse (I just want intercourse)
One day I’m takin’ my lil’ daughter, I’m walkin’ in the court (I’m walkin’ in the court)
Got my lil’ homie down state doin’ time for Illinois (Time for Illinois)
I just keep tellin’ him keep faith, he gettin’ paranoid (He gettin’ paranoid)

Why you talkin’ about all them bodies? Niggas, kill the noise
Rest in peace to Baby D, he claimin’ dilla boy
They scandalized my cousin, they just know we killin’ for him
Get off a pill, I’m puttin’ tears in my Gucci scarf
Get out my business, I be hangin’ with some killers, they relentless
Get out my business, I be hangin’ with some killers, they relentless

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