Brent Faiyaz – SKIT: EGOMANIAC Lyrics

Brent Faiyaz SKIT EGOMANIAC Lyrics

Brent Faiyaz:
You aight?

Main Chick:
You seemed happy that I was the one to have your first child but, you don’t treat me like it. Like what the fuck! You know I’m not from LA. I don’t have any family out here so I have no support system during my pregnancy and you said ” Don’t worry about it, that you were the only love and support I needed”. What the fuck happened to that? I feel very fucking alone, and if you meant what you said that should really concern you

*Brent’s phone buzzes*

Main Chick:
(Sigh) You respond very fast to every bitch except the person that’s carrying your child, wow

Brent Faiyaz:
Texting every bitch? That’s crazy. This my manager texting me. It’s cool though, Imma kill this drink and just wait downstairs for my ride to the airport. Cause I don’t wanna make you more upset. Bye baby, bye Lil baby. Daddy will be back soon (air kisses baby bump). Aight I love you. Damn alright then, Imma see you tomorrow night

Main Chick:
Goodbye, Chris

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Christopher Wood, Jonathan "Freeze" Wells
  • Album: WASTELAND
  • Released: 2022