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Burna Boy Wettin Dey Sup Lyrics

I no be one of those men wey dey fear to do fuck nyash
Check am, na kpa goro kpa
Me I know say everybody got to die on day but we six feet under golo ta
Aje, why we no go jaiye o, wetin dey sup
Tell my brother jeun soke o, everything is okay o, wetin dey sup
To ba je, ikan to ba fe je it’s allowed o nothing dey sup

Cause I no fit depend on talk
Dem go disrespect on top
Then I show dem wetin dey sup
Dey my own, na me know wetin dey come

Start to dey dance
Put your cap to the back
If you know say na kpa goro kpa
Cause I came with the gang
Dem know say we bad to the max
We no come here to come gallivant
I dey tell paddyman cause I wise like [?]
If you no think am well e go hang
Dem go want carry chance wey you give dem spoil your dance
As for me that one no be my plans

Written by; Burna Boy
Produced by;
Released date; 14 August, 2020
Album/EP; Twice As Tall

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