Cassper Nyovest – Isinkwa Lyrics

Cassper Nyovest A.m.n (any Minute Now)

Cassper Nyovest – A.M.N (Any Minute Now)

Cassper Nyovest Isinkwa Lyrics

Kvuki lokishi fede bade
Mangabe awgcwali mpintshi hade
All I got is that what up there
Bathi sinkwa sinyukile ngini kezi stebhisi.
Vele ngisi lande , vele ngisi lande

Ntwana lefika
Refiloe ka leina
Bang cava ka di pina, bang gafa ka di tlipa
Ke tlile jozi go phanda brother for magriza
So ha punchline e Pala ke shapa tleva ka Thipa
So either way nna keago tswa mona ke popile
Monna ke bopile
Di corner ke potile
Ke ba shibile ba iketsa nkare ba kohlile
Ha la re kenya mona , la cava lotlhe re forcitse

We took the game by force
It wasn’t easy got a couple things I lost
Like my mind, kinda loco but it ain’t my fault
Shit is costly but I charge it to the game ofcos
I mean it’s nothing
Ha ke dibala
I know I bag a punch like matlala
And all the babies wanna Halla mandala
Ke stara a ka di bala
Ke dlala Liverpool, ha kele teng banna ba sala
Mapara ana wanna
See me dead and buried in the park
But don’t know how to do it so they punching in the dark
Ah ah papa
You never ever had the spark or the heart
Just play your part
I grew up listening to Pro and H
The only fresher than my flow is my cake and aye
I know they hating on the gram but I realized
That I never meet this haters in real life

Where they at ?

Kvuki lokishi fede bade
Mangabe awgcwali mpintshi hade
All I got is that what up there
Bathi sinkwa sinyukile ngini kezi stebhisi
Vele ngisi lande , vele ngisi lande

I did not come here to play
Please take all thag small away
I’m a boss Mother fucker
The Bentley rides too smooth I’m uncouth when I floss mother fuckers wanna Talk
Mother fucker never saw
My vision way before
I remember having force mother fuckers
But I’ve always had the right plan
So I’ve never have to work for a white man
I own every piece or it’s licensed
Niggas is playing catch with my cheese it’s a crises
I got the Midas touch
Maybe , They hate me for my AP
Ambition’s Priceless im plus I’m too wavy
Fede spacing
Ke telle ke mailitie
A jutilwe ke states ba feta Mo stageng
I been there and I done that
Even though I’d run laps
Around these niggas , I treat them like bana ba mme
I’m always somewhere
Fucking bitches you can’t get
No half tigers always keep it a hundred
The sun sets with lambos parked on the strip
History nigga , aint no nigga go harder than this
Take a picture , you looking at legend in The making
Made it through the matrix , still keep to the basics
Black on Black Benzes you could swear that we racist
Secret locations you can’t locate us
My Nayga! Haha

Written by; Cassper Nyovest and Pro Kid
Produced by; Aile Keys
Released date; 11 September, 2020
Album/EP; A.M.N (Any Minute Now)

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