Cassper Nyovest – Who Jah Bless Lyrics

Cassper Nyovest Who Jah Bless Lyrics

Sometimes you’re the smartest guy in a room but you don’t want anybody to know it
Let them think you’re a dummy, you don’t know anything
Then they yapping away, yapping away, yapping away, right? It’s a big advantage
There’s other times when you’re not the smartest guy in the room, but if you keep your mouth shut, nobody knows that
They don’t know it
So you let them talk, commit themselves
(That boy spittin’ that pain)
By the time they’re finished, then you can become the smartest guy in the room because they told you everything

Unconsciously arrogant
Frequently where I never went
Blessed with the curse of relevance
I’m going pumpers, kea ba kenelela
Strugglin’ to be a better man, ego becomes a avalanche, uh
Baby moms wants a secondborn
I’m not ready, I’m hella torn
If she leave me I’m never gon’-
Get ideas or try get with another broad, nah
Honestly, this is not her fault
I’m growin’ pains in weird places
Age is a fear case, I feel like we ain’t favoured
And yet the numbers that we puttin’ up are so high
Multi-dimensional, gone, they near spaceships
Fame is a prison and the wardens are the eyeballs
I keep seein’ the black mark on a whiteboard

I love my life though
Everythin’ high-low
A multi-millionaire they still mocked over typos
I gave everything just to gain everything
And then I realised that it ain’t everything
Main – Wedding ring
Side bitch – Many wins
Save yourself the trip ’cause the money ain’t medicine
Through all the wins and the losses, I got a name
I take the bad with the good, I can’t complain
‘Cause the good is very good and the wealth is my escape
So whenever I’m stressed as fuck, I drive the Wraith
And then I fill out a space

I’m honestly not amazed by you all that I raised
Applaud ’cause y’all prevailed to organise arrangements
Even after being warned that y’all will fail
I’m more than just your favourite
I’m the greatest, the boss, I’m not afraid
I’m Morpheus, the Matrix
Flawless, y’all are tainted
Polished, elevated
We are not the same, kid
I mean y’all should be in awe of my maintenance
I gave you my all for just my nation
All of y’all are hatin’
Lost all of my patience
Tell me how many more should I delay to be honoured as a David?
I am not the-

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Cassper Nyovest
  • Album: Solomon
  • Released: 2023