Chris Webby & Jarren Benton – Def Jam Vendetta Lyrics

Chris Webby Def Jam Vendetta Lyrics, Def Jam Vendetta Lyrics by Chris Webby ft Jarren Benton

You can see a rapper get smacked Def Jam Vendetta
No one better word to my abuela
She’s getting sharp cheddar
Mozzarella super-powered supervillain Super Shredder Busta Rhymes and I flip mode tall Stacks like big show
You want to look at me out of I think they’re scared on your tiptoes got sick flows, and I flex wraps come face off and I’ll bet stacks

Your favorite rapper rubbing that celebrity deathmatch
I’m AAA Charles in the face Undertaker with a shovel out by Shiki
How my name carry weight Hardy Boyz had doubled down for you with Wayne Johnson raising up with that eyebrow
They’ll vote leave them unconscious called a fight when they lie down to I now to come back herb feel like I’m living in Space Balls
They hit the ground like rainfall choke slamming. f*** out of Jake Paul

Got a mask on like mankind may be up in his damn props or facing off of me right now
You must be out of your damn mind gonna belt on tell me how that look take a Diamond Dallas Page out of my book
If you want to learn the wrap recipe that I can teach him how to cook look weaponize with that raw sound when I’m aiming

I’m not gonna fall down even if you ain’t in my sights, my kids are straight like a dog pound going off now like, whoa
You think that bribes are the do hit him? I hit him. I hit him low
I’m a monster with the flow rowdy rowdy give them an experience without a body right to

On a stretcher celebrity deathmatch f*** around your neck snap better go get your best grabs
You ain’t leaving alive in as fact some s*** only n***** like X lacks make it fit
Give me child like a handrail
I was starving can even get rid of scratch had the bounce back lift
The breast that you may catch a n**** down on Fairfax
It’s all Jim Duggan b****. I’m gonna end up pushing n***** buttons please

I had a rabbit in the pieces put them in the oven turn them into stopping thinking n****
Pull up and pull up on me cuz it’s s***** give his on this and dirty dozen 30 in equipment n****
Get the bus and I can drop the gun and we get asked often if you smell what
The Rock is cooking body mean-mugging tell him stop looking at my picture bullet that I’m not good
Give me one reason. I shouldn’t it just one thing

I’m not doing it. We don’t back down in the background 123
I’m pulling the f*** it let’s just have a cage fighter
I jump off the road
It’s date night watches body dropping and Shake lightly and hard
I can’t even save his life
He lost a lot of blood like eight pints is a Def Jam van get a king in the bag leaving
Loud on a stretcher