Chris Webby – Walls Lyrics

Chris Webby Walls Lyrics, Walls Lyrics by Chris Webby ft Skrizzly Adams

What better for the walls closing in?
Yes, don’t game getaway car and open range trying it out
Sleet snow rain took hold the pain no novocaine a soul plane
And simpler looking down with the written word
On how to strike when the iron’s hot and come

On top then fire shots and you get the urge
I flip a bird to the system that fugitive f*** the world
With no lubricant find out lyrics keep paying and fueling
This engine inside with this pain of mind to get these

Rhymes and anytime a guy look for this
Stuck them up and I doubled up
I’m gonna one with no duplicate if that
She will fit than I do mon run a m************
Marathon get the torch not carry on till

It burns out and it turns out that
It’s still lit never gone off here to make a scene till
I’m home doff burn bright teal ain’t nothing left, but don’t fall