Circa Survive – Drift Lyrics

Circa Survive Drift Lyrics

Through the line there’s a song
That will never be shared, dependent
Holding on to a fault that I couldn’t forget

I don’t ever wanna do it again
Doesn’t make it ours to condemn
Static cry, flesh and blood
Let it dimple the skin

In the shape of a heart that should never believe could be

Does it matter if it takes my life
Broken arrow glass in the fire
Missing pieces of a stigma mind
Will we cut the wires in time

How can you honestly say forever
Take you what you needed to keep together
Losing our focus in ten different ways
Tripping in out of pretended desire
While you collect to convey, surrender

In a wave you can see splintered mirrors and blood evolving
You don’t have to follow every step
In the empty room that you cry
I’m not looking for a reason to stay
Never knowing who to betray

Our sanctions were ready to write on the cubicle wall
This fashion, I’m naked, keep on making all the same mistakes
Gray static come slowly it will never be the same again
Gray static If I make it, we keep on making all the same mistakes