Cochise – CAUTIOUS Lyrics

Cochise CAUTIOUS Lyrics

Young skinny
Young skinny n****, I’m a young pretty
Young pretty n****, I got guns with me
Bobby with me
Got the Lord with me
Got ya rollin’ wit’ me
I can’t lie witcha
I’m too nauseous
I’m so nauseous
Moving cautious
Got the gas on me
Like I’m carsick
Got the racks on me
Never lost it
To be honest
I can’t hate
I been straight
I been great
What’s ya fate?
I been dripping, dripping, I feel like a lake
You been tripping, tripping, boy, you outta shape
Shawty thinking I’ma love her, I ain’t Drake
Wait, boy you need some help
Can’t stop me
Nobody could stop me
Icey on my neck
I been playing hockey
I saw that boy running
Yeah, he got them knot knees
They say they his gat guy
I told that boy you’re not me
Told that boy you’re not me
Shawty call me papi
They be like they rooms
They be looking looking sloppy

You’re like where the bass, n****?
Where the bass at?
Where the bass at?
Where the bass at
Where ya face at
Shawty throw it back
Like a maniac
She like what’s your zodiac?
Damn, like baby, I don’t even know
I been praying every morning
I know God, he got my soul

I got shawties, uh yeah
I got shawties, uh yeah
I’m in the party, uh yeah
I sip on codeine, uh yeah
I’m wit ya shawty, uh yeah
She like a Hottie, uh yeah
Sippin’ Hpnotiq, uh yeah
Shawty tsunami, uh yeah

I got checks
And they fat
I got racks
That’s a fact
God, he in my side he on my back
Had to leave a little, now I’m back
Yeah, n***** they going ape
But I’m gorilla, uh yeah
I’ma gorilla, uh yeah
I got my Fanta, uh yeah
Fanta, uh yeah
Cattin’ this, uh yeah
Cattin’ this scanner, uh yeah
I’m cattin’ this
Got my turtles wit’ me, ninjas
Yeah, and I’m feelin’ like I’m Master Splinter