CORPSE – Life Waster Lyrics

CORPSE Life Waster Lyrics

I went to substances, you went to college
I think it’s too late to acknowledge our problems
Heard that you’re great, I just wanted to say
It ain’t change, I still love you, tomorrow’s not promised
Oh, by the way, fuckin’ hate all the fame
Got you counting the days when your illness is chronic
Death really changes the way you behave
I’ll remember your face when it smiles upon us

Reprobate, psych major
Sick, sick, sick, so we like danger
Tough luck, life waster
If I get to know her, then I might save her
Stars in your eyes, let the moon talk
I could stay a while ‘fore I move on
Hoodie sleeves up, let the mask off
Mixed our tears on the asphalt
Damage in my C6, but you get that
So I know you’ll understand where my blade at
You afflicted? Where the meds at?
Damn, girl, let’s make Big Ben sad

Fuck ’em all, they don’t got nothin’ on us
Try to kill us, baby, think we’re fuckin’ haunted
Fuck your fuckin’ sickness, lost you in the process
I’ma get it for us like I always promised

(Text me when you get home, love you)
Pull me back in with your fucking lies
Kill me slowly, baby, you know I don’t fuckin’ mind
You said a million years, guess the stars aligned
You’ve been lyin’, baby, I see it in your fucking eyes

All up in your feelings, all about my vocal cords
I just think it’s funny, there ain’t shit you’re workin’ towards
Rose up out the morgue, got my foot in the door
If you run up on the dead, get bodied by a corpse
Get fucked for your money, get robbed for your life
Had a plight from the jump, succumbed to the night
Got meds in my blood, got death on my mind
Ain’t got shit left, best step to me right
No face, no name like Kira
My bitch look just like Misa
In my restless dreams, I see ya
Sent straight to the ether
Last thing you see is my creepers
I want blood, I don’t get even

CORPSE, bitch

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: CORPSE H
  • Album: Life Waster
  • Released: 2022