D-Block Europe – Kevin McCallister Lyrics

D-Block Europe Kevin McCallister Lyrics

Cruisin’ in the Lamb’ truck, I’m smokin’ on Runtz
Free all the dollar, man, just for the fun
N****, I told you to pour me the cup of the Henny
I’m leaning, you poured me the mud
All of these diamonds but don’t get it twisted
We still got the waps that beat out like a drum
And I still got them bitches that down for a n****
Fuck with a n****, tell ’em “Pull up”, they come
Turn on the kettle, settle the yola, then I fuckin’ pour
Baby, can I fly you out? Hotel, starin’ at the shores
She a freak with it, kissin’, now we fuckin’ on the floor
All these designer bags and diamonds, that’s shit you ain’t seen before
N****, I’m high as a kite, yeah, tie it with Jordan, I’m fly
Rollie, AP, but that’s just for the time
I’m fuckin’ the bitch but she don’t seem my type
Air Force white, cocaine white
Dope boy, I was juggin’ with slime
She said “If you hide anything, I will find it”
I said “If you need anything, I will buy it”
41 or Gelato pie, poppin’ this Perc, I’ma float to the sky
I told my baby to show me that pussy, she said that she can’t, she said that she shy
I told my n**** to roll me a swisher and pour me a cup of Promethazine
Deal with the Cali packs and pounds, ain’t no half, we bought the whole thing

Most of my n***** are street n*****, stretchin’ those Z’s
Most of my n***** are street n*****, got no degree (Ya dig?)
I’m talkin’ body bags of the brand new watch, VV’s
I spent a hundred grand, got the rest of the bricks on me
We keep on trying and trying to ride
We will not sleep ’til this n**** just die
Pourin’ a four and I’m ready to slide
Twenty-two shots, take away eight guys
How you fuckin’ a whore?
She fuckin’ an opp and you stayin’ for clout
Heard you came to the block
But you n***** are soft so you changed the route
Conversate with the gorillas, conversation with the drillers
She ain’t even know why this little n**** die but she know why she miss him
And my bitch body real, real nice and them bullets hard, real, make you feel ’em
If you’re goin’ through real hard times, that shit gonna make you the realest
Richard Mille with the white gold ice but the Audemars came whole skele’
I thought I was sick of this ice but, baby girl, I Patek me
I put Prometh’ on ice and baby girl, it affect me (Ya dig?)
I’m so high, I drink red, baby, that’s Actavis (Ski)
We fuckin’ when you turning red, baby, you bad for this
I say what just comes to my head, they gonna caption this
Too many drugs at the crib, she cannot capture this
No gun license over here, we stay with the savages

I’m puttin’ brand new blickys in dingers, got corn for your n*****
By the time the gang-gang pull up and shoot-shoot, you gon’ fall on your n****
And I’ma just pour up, p-pour up, pour up, watch it fall on my liver
Number 29 got the whole opp block hot-hot in the middle of winter
I just tell the gang “Pull up and ski”
She was a good girl, loyal girl, but I turned her arse to a freak
Serve bricks like David, serve hooks, man, I bob and I weave
Jeep sits so high off the ground, man, I feel like I’m ridin’ a bus
Got the Richard Mille buss, A-Pizzy buss, get your face bussed
Rockstar lifestyle, if I had a clean slate, I’d do it all again (‘gain)
Never left no-one behind me, drillers, killers they’re all my friends
Hood royalty, got lawyer fees, rap Presidenté
I bring my shooters on days, fly ’em to Paris, see Mbappé
Breakfast at Tiffany’s after, I bring you the booth just to hear how I feel
Exes and riches be drunk off your love for this Perc ’cause this feeling is real
Still sharpen steel still, runnin’ ’round town with the steel
Most influential in the U.K. and my n****, we ain’t took a deal

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