Dax – Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

Dax Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics
Dax – Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

Beatbox Lyrics, Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

They say that i’m different
if i flex a gun they would probably fuck with my image
i’m DAX and the shit that I’ve done it could never me mickmed
this shit is exclusive i’m RUSSIAN the beat like I’m VLADIMIR PUTINfor every ((BAR)-that-you-(MITZ)-ima-(FUH) you like I’m going JEWISH) [bar that you miss ima fuck]i promise you niggas we not in the same league

i (GO)-in-(Bert) I’m with DONOVAN MITCHELL [utah jazz]
i got more STRIPES than ZEBRA they speak on me FOUL because Dax has been way to OFFICIAL
stay in my lane with my head on a swivel
(X)’ing em out like i’m MALCOLM and MIDDLE [malcolm x =, malcolm in the middle]
i tried to be nice but these people is KAREN’S so I’m BLACKING out like my last name is CIVIL [Karen Civil]
i’m doing LIFE for these BARS every that beat touch ima BODY THAT
bout to fuck TWINS after this so you PUSSIES can call me a COPY CAT

I got a ((CHEVY-IMPALA) with-(PISTONS) I’m driving
in (PONTIAC), I’ll never ((MICH)AGAIN) I’m in (DETROIT) with the (BOYS) I got CHIPS like (ISAIAH) and (THOMAS)) had
i’m a different category
stay IN THE HOUSE in like my name is CORY [cory in the house]
so many FLOWS they get WET when I rap in I could have an ORGY
th-this beat makes me HORNY
once i-CUM-you can’t ignore me
niggas my SONS they won’t admit ima have to take they ass and SHOW it on MAURY

AKON nigga imma bout to SMACK THAT
CAN’T BREATHE like I’m rapping with a GAS MASKswitch gears everytime a nigga fast rap
they too slow I’m already on my last lap
you’ll get SMOKED you niggas can’t MATCH that
i’m so BLUNT you people try to PASS DAX
then try to front like you my DOGS i SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU like a nigga did a CAT SCAN
do try to front because I know you know

I been BOSS, no HUGO
you USDs while I’m EUROS
my bars are worth like two times yours
don’t you make that mistake
independent how I bust in the gate
i do numbers organic i don’t gotta pay
my shit GOLDEN like STEPHEN and KLAY
don’t gotta WARM UP I’m HITTING MY SHOT if you throw me throw me the ROCK when i step in the GAME
and i promise i don’t miss
i stay focused
every songs a MAGNUM OPUS

My rhymes-scheme-(SE(a)RENA) so damn big
it broke the US OPEN (serena williams, us open)
and yes I noticed
niggas never gonna give me my roses
so I stay cooking up this crack and serving it out in potent doses
what you niggas done I done I did that already
you must be JELLY, (JAM)MING my NUTS
my BALLS are too HEAVY
i need some WAP not talking talking bout FETTI, i’m wit the SQUAD like ED EDD and EDDIE,
and if I don’t pop then this years a flop cuz my shits too hot and can’t no one tell me that my shit don’t ROCK-and-ROLL over what’s on top charts I’m SERVING that LEVY
(so SIT DOWN please I will not STAND for this I am not ALLSTATE
I spit GAS, you people STAY SLEEP, I’m UP no wonder you’re ALL BREAKS)

I’m getting sick of this
you gon’ put some respect on a lyricist
I been to rapping to far ima
SLOOOOOW take it slow
U can’t replace meI rap in HDI promise niggas DAX is bout the be the place to beFUCK DANIEL!
Upstain I throw HEAT ROCKS im like d-wade when I bowl
I don’t need a deal to pop I got talent my nigga i don’t have to sell my soul

But if I do
It’s over for you
So I gotta
I GOTTA SLOW take it slow
I gotta SLOW DOWN to GET IT GOINGU can’t replace meI rap in HD
I Promise niggas DAX is bout to be the place to be

Written by; Dax

Dax Beatbox Lyrics, Dax Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics