Demon Hunter – Freedom Is Dead Lyrics

Demon Hunter Freedom Is Dead Lyrics

From the other side
We heard the sound of your decree
Demanding we fall in line
Now we will decide
Are we content in this submission
To be silent or die

We never knew we had a battle to lose
Now we’re all caught in the blackout
I feel the culling of a power to choose
When every sign in my way says
Freedom is dead

Whatever happened to indifference?
Whatever happened to divided views?
It reads a lot like intolerance
When every word that you write says
Freedom is dead

I surrender my mind
To the greatest of ease
No thought, no crime
No debt to please

Freedom is…

I had a dream we had a reason to fight
We knew the soul and the context
We never wanted to ascend the divide
Then I awoke to a voice saying
Freedom is dead


    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Ryan Clark
  • Album: Freedom Is Dead
  • Released: 2022