Denzel Curry – ICE COLD ZEL FREESTYLE Lyrics


Look, I got a motherfuckin’ choppa like Olajuwon
And I spin all day on the block, look
You spent all day with the cops
I freakin’ finesse you right out of your socks
My style is P like I came from The LOX
I want you diehard trying to be what you not
I was like six in the kitchen
My uncle and cousin was mixin’ they servin’ up rock (Aye)

Bitch, I am a pit, ‘Zel is a rock
Wanna fuck with me, come Zelle me a knot
Fuck that, open up that, close up shop
Might just serve me a nigga straight drop, crack
In my hood, the hammer go brratt
Every nigga I grew up with ’bout that
Fuck all that shit you keep talkin’ about
Pussy show me where that nigga house, at
I’m in that bitch like I housesat
That nigga pussy, he house cat
I got a trap for a house rat

‘Cause I actively ask where the mouse at?
Say you gon’ touch me, I doubt that
Might turn your ass to a loud pack
Pull out make that bitch make a crowd scat’
Come on, my nigga, you shouldn’t be ’round that
Hop out and I make a round splat
Hop out and make that shit, doot-doo-doo-doo
Play with me, I might just shoot it at you

Bitch I never back out, do I look like a coupe?
These niggas sweet as tiramisu
If I up it, he gon’ need some therapy too
Hold up my nigga, you scarin’ me too
If a nigga fuck up, he might bury me too
Look, pistol keep yellin’ out, “Carry me too”
I got one on me, might have to carry me two
Impossible shooter, shootin’ ’em narrowly too
And the AR-15 would’ve married me too
Bro off the drink tryna marry the juice
And it’s fuck ya’ll niggas, let’s bury the truce
Bitches know Biggie, just gimmie the loot
‘Cause I’m hangin’ with BISHOP, he gave me the juice

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Denzel Curry
  • Released: 2023