Drake – Away From Home Lyrics

Drake Away From Home Lyrics

Ayy, what?
It’s so, is it real?
Yeah, ayy

Give a fuck if they remember
I was in the cold, windows froze, I was sleepin’ in the whip tryna get a fucking grip
I remember
Didn’t have no hoes tryna go, all these rappers lil’ broed me, fuck, fuck
Fuck ’em, I remember
Way before they had a fuckin’ DM, I was whippin’ in the Ac’ like that shit was European
I remember
I remember drivin’ Holland Tunnel for a label meetin’, thinkin’ ’bout more cake than a funnel
I remember
Now these niggas don’t remember
I know Neeks remember, I know Jay remember, Chubbs’ll make them boys remember
Dead broke, splittin’ pennies with my members
Fuck a spread, we was splittin’ chicken tenders (I-I-I—)
‘Member I was sleepin’ in the basement, watchin’ Tigger in the basement, I was tryna get a placement
I remember
Days in the East with the bros, watchin’ Tristan and Devoe while they runnin’ up the score
I remember
TT was headed to the league, I was sleepin’ up at Metalworks tryna plant a seed
I remember
Rollin’ through the city, gettin’ beats, always peepin’ out the streets ’cause I was beefin’ with the bleeks
I remember
I was tryna get a portion, tryna make a fortune
B-Town with Candy, I’m tryna be her boyfriend
3 AM at Y2, runnin’ off endorphins
Start adoptin’ my brothers’ beefs like a orphan
I was still on Rose when it’s pourin’ and stormin’
This shit is not rewardin’, I do not feel important
I wanna see some scratch from the shit that I’m recordin’
In Memphis smokin’ Blacks, tryna act like I enjoy them (I-I-I—)
Maurice François Girbaud what I’m sportin’
And Mos Def gave me like a rap for performin’
Crib I got now make me think of when I had to put some money on a mortgage

This don’t feel like home anymore
It’s just wall, doors, and floors
That only I can afford
Remember when it used to mean more, mean more
I got money in the top drawer
That ain’t much, but we not poor
You’re mine and I’m yours
Like a broke couple, we don’t wanna court, for sure

I remember pullin’ up at TAO, seein’ Quincy Jones, nigga talkin’ to me like he proud
I remember
I remember Mike designed the owl, then he sued the fucking guys, and he duckin’ until now
I remember (I-I-I—)
‘Member Reesie stayin’ at the house, then she left me for my dog like she never took the vow
I remember
My cousin Ryan fronted me a pound and I couldn’t even flip it, had to bring it back around
I remember
I remember printin’ up our T-shirts with Kyle, we in love with the same girl, beefin’ like a cow
I would pick them shits up, nigga wouldn’t even smile
Nigga better crack a smile ‘fore we do a nigga foul
To keep it real, I wasn’t really gangster ’til now
I was livin’ on a cloud, I was quiet as a mouse
I was in the club gettin’ lost in the crowd
Wasn’t doin’ what I wanted to, I do what was allowed
I remember fightin’ over Monica with Jason
I remember only knowin’ Andre and Jason
I remember buyin’ all the iceberg from Jason
That’s three different Jasons, my life like The Matrix (I-I-I—)
Even got on 106 & Park with Replacement
My mama was my manager, my uncle was my agent
Dr. Dre’ll send a nigga home, that took patience
Four GRAMMY’s to my name, a hundred nominations
Esperanza Spalding was gettin’ all the praises
I’m tryna keep it humble, I’m tryna keep it gracious
Who give a fuck Michelle Obama put you on her playlist?
Then we never hear from you again like you was taken
Who the CEO of Universal? They mistaken
‘Cause Google sayin’ Lucian, but that just doesn’t make sense
Who fillin’ up the piggy bank? Who bringin’ home the bacon?
This shit don’t come on vinyl, I’m still record-breakin’
How could I forget? How could I forget?
I was on a Greyhound way before the jet
Buffalo, New York was like the furthest I could get
At the Walden Galleria tryna make the money stretch (I-I-I—)
Student Price Card and a Yorkdale connect
Whole time, Courtne Smith was keepin’ me in check
Try and find an inch of the city I ain’t stepped in
If it’s war, I’ll lay my life down for the set then

And I put that shit on Mads and that nigga was my best friend
And I put that shit on Johnny Bling, that nigga was my best friend
And I put that shit on Richard, that nigga was my best friend
Ayy, yeah
Broke his right hand, still took a fight with his left hand
I remember
I remember

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: A. Graham, M. McCollum, J. Raisen, B. Saint Fort, L. Levine
  • Album: For All The Dogs
  • Released: 2023