Earl Sweatshirt – Sentry Lyrics

Earl Sweatshirt Sentry Lyrics (feat. Mike), The Alchemist Sentry Lyrics

Uh, peace when I’m rollin’ around
Tried to keep me close, but look how
When I needed you the most you was out
The least I can do is account
Pizzeria dough, big amount
Fire in the hole, burnin’ out his soul like they seen a ghost in a shell
Froze up, it’s colder than hell
I cleaned up most of myself
I peeled off more dollar bills
Four on when they peeled off on the bill
Started at the bottom of the hill
Actually I started in the mid
Actually I started in Illinois, Khoikhoi and Tswana in the kid
Bloodstains on my fatherland
Bloodstains on my motherland
Tuck clay, all of it’s red
Stuck in the jeans and the fabric, and the twenty-three little strains
Freddie Hubbard sing through the acts
Chop another piece off the branch
Memories careen out the past
Halt me to a screech in they tracks
Had a couple things on my chest
That’s where the demons would sit
I took a seat at the head, it’s time to eat
I need to breach, heavy set
Can you dig what I’m sayin’
Notice that you easily led
So I take a seat at the head
It’s time to eat

You remember I’m feelin’ like Aubrey
There ain’t real nigga higher involved than me
I was there on a small façade
No need actin’ surprised when you call me
But imagine I gave you my all
All my flaws and dogteeth
I got tired of stayin’ to talk
But you higher than you say that you are
How you lie to me, breakin’ my heart
How you ridin’, you ain’t stay in the car
I get high then pay for my art
So when I’m buyin’ I’m breakin’ the card
Oh, it’s always breakin’ apart
I don’t lie if you playin’ your part
On that aisle in the flame in the dark
It be songs that make the remarks
Keep it solid, no changin’ the start
AP, probably wings on the car
For us like be waitin’ to start
For pops and takin’ a charge
Ain’t no makin’ it ours
I know ma used to pray I ain’t harder
Only son gettin’ saved ’cause they smart

Then how did we come here?
And tell me, too, by what ill fortune did a prince turn into the reclusive hermit you are now, here, on this desert isle?
Was it because you found the world distasteful
Or through the perfidy of some enemy?
Is our island a prison or a hermitage?
You’ve hinted at some mystery so many times and aroused my curiosity
And today you shall tell me it all