Elton John – The Lockdown Sessions Lyrics, Tracklist

Elton John The Lockdown Sessions Lyrics, The Lockdown Sessions Lyrics by Elton John

The Lockdown Sessions is a collaboration album by English singer and songwriter, Elton John.

Elton John got to know a few of his neighbors very well. Unlike most of us, his neighbors are also famous musicians, and these serendipitous encounters have led to some of the highest-profile collaborations of his career. 

A chance meeting with Charlie Puth—“he lived three doors away from me”—was the first in a series of impromptu lockdown sessions launched via email and Zoom calls. 

Elton John The Lockdown Sessions Tracklist;

  1. Elton John – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) Lyrics
  2. Elton John – Always Love You Lyrics
  3. Elton John – Learn To Fly Lyrics
  4. Elton John – After All Lyrics
  5. Elton John – Chosen Family (Remix) Lyrics
  6. Elton John – The Pink Phantom Lyrics
  7. Elton John – It’s A Sin Lyrics
  8. Elton John – Nothing Else Matters Lyrics
  9. Elton John – Orbit Lyrics
  10. Elton John – Simple Things Lyrics
  11. Elton John – Beauty In The Bones Lyrics
  12. Elton John – ONE OF ME Lyrics
  13. Elton John – E-Ticket Lyrics
  14. Elton John – Finish Line Lyrics
  15. Elton John – Stolen Car Lyrics
  16. Elton John – I’m Not Gonna Miss You Lyrics