glaive – 2005 barbie doll Lyrics

glaive 2005 barbie doll Lyrics

If the money wasn’t coming
Then all the people here would leave
Do you know how hard it is to stomach
That they’ll toss you out whenever they please?

I’m a commodity
An oddity
My high school friends won’t talk to me
In all honesty
It’s probably ’cause I’m in a place that they want to be
But it costed me almost everything

I’m so blasé about everything
‘Cause I’m scared to show I’m not confident
I’m incompetent about all of this
I gave you all that I had to give, now
I’m throwing money in spiral

‘Cause we both know ’bout how it goes
We’ve heard this story many times before
“He was too young”
He took too much
Now he’s sleeping on a tour bus
Full of people that he don’t know
After everything, he finally gets to go home

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Ash Gutierrez, Jeff Hazin, Nick Ferraro
  • Album: i care so much that i dont care at all
  • Released: 2023