GRACEY – Fragile EP Lyrics, Tracklist

GRACEY Fragile Lyrics, Fragile Lyrics by GRACEY

Today, GRACEY has released her short music project called ‘Fragile’ via Polydor/Universal Music Canada.

This EP is a collection of songs I’ve written during the first (and most fragile) stage of my recent break up. With some of my rawest thoughts and feelings, it quite literally feels like a four song diary entry at this point.

I can’t lie, putting my emotions out in the world like this does make me nervous, but I know that when you’re scared to put something out it’s good, as it means it’s come from a real place that people will connect with. And when everything boils down, that’s really what it is about for me.

I find there’s a lot of pressure to be ‘happier’ post break up, almost as a way of proving to yourself that you’re better without them, so I wanted to play on the idea in the EP through the upbeat, synth-led productions, which juxtaposes the sad, heartbreak lyrics, with artists like Robyn being a huge influence.

One of the main things I’ve realized through writing this EP is that to be vulnerable is to be fucking brave. It means finally allowing yourself to feel and heal properly. To be fragile is to be strong. I’m really proud of this work, and I’m excited for this next step of my journey.

GRACEY Fragile EP Tracklist;

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