Headie One – Cry Lyrics

Headie One Cry Lyrics, Cry Lyrics by Headie One

I can shut down a verse or a chorus (Chorus)
I done spent the whole summer time trappin’ out

You know I got so much love for my roses
Soul for the Drillers, next time you catch me to the florist (One)

All I ever wanted was some progress
Everything above and beyond is a bonus

I had armed jakes spinnin’ out my ride for some clothes
Now they gotta watch everybody toast us

Yo, it’s a celebration, young black brothers being celebrated
Elevation, no more separation

Far to plan, plan to throw, it’s a preparation
Got a thirst in the trap with no

Get the ammunition for myself, preservation
And made the block lit, it’s a delegation

For my brothers, not Jonas
Now it’s 5-0 if on the tour bus

Written by: Irving Adjei, Jimmy Seals, Trevor Smith

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