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Headie One Teach Me Lyrics

Teach me, teach
Turn, turn (Told me turn)
Turn, turn, turn
Teach me, teach (Teach, teach)
Teach me

[Verse 1]
All these jewels ain’t gonna make me richer but it might [?] for my little nigga
Little nigga wanna be a hitter, told him “Cut a cheque and go be a driller”
Fake niggas made them pictures bigger, I was tryna show them to the bigger picture
No more showin’ haters middle fingers, rather show the haters to my pinky fingеr (Turn, turn, turn)
I rub the clitoris, she lick my finger, shе don’t know she suckin’ on my trigger finger (Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn)
Couple witnesses and bigger blickys, now we uptown, we gettin’ flicky flicky (Told me turn, ayy)
[?] said I’m makin’ too much money, next watch will have to be a Richard Mille
Feds will pree me ’cause I made a killing both in the countryside and in the city
How many times did I leave the judge livid? ‘Cause [?]
Tracksuit in season, it match the interior
I don’t wanna see no civillians, I’m done takin’ public opinions (S-S-S-Suh)
I find this all so hard to reason (Turn), well it’s time to get my head heated

I try to be peaceful, tell the G’s not to put teeth in (Turn)
Ask Edna to teach me forgiveness
Teach me (Teach, teach)
Teach (Teach, teach)
Teach me (Teach, teach)
Teach (Teach, teach, yo)
[Verse 2: Headie One]
Yo, somebody call God for me (One)
Tell him this is daylight robbery (One)
Somebody tell the people that want an apology for all of their broken promises
Promises they made but true, they didn’t owe to me
And comfort me (Turn, turn, turn)
But when I got lost, they abandoned me (And they talk tough for me)
They stick to the promises they told to me (They walk with me)
So now if it ain’t for the fam, then it’s all for me
Pa was strugglin’ to cope with me, he started to wish he aborted me
Oh, how we tried everything, even tried therapy, couldn’t even tell what was wrong with me (Ah)
They said that I couldn’t, took away the “NT” and apostrophe (One)
Don’t look down on me, that was hypocrisy
Comin’ from poverty, blame the economy
You know the hustlers are gettin’ Monopoly
Do I blame destiny or blame astrology?
So many different philosophies (Suh, suh, s-s-s-suh)
Before I learned to love properly (Ah)

They took away the only thing that belonged me (Teach me)
What more do they want me? (Teach me)
All these numbers, they can’t make a difference (Teach, teach)
It was just me and my system
Ask Edna to teach us forgiveness
Teach, teach, teach, teach (Teach)
Ask Edna to teach me forgiveness, yeah
Teach me (Teach, teach)
Teach, teach, teach, teach, teach (Told me turn, yeah)
Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn
Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn

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