Ice Prince – Get At You Lyrics

Ice Prince Get At You Lyrics

I can’t lie to you
Girl you are my wife
And i can’t deny for life, for life

I can’t believe I’m still stuck out here
Thinking about you, how the fuck I care
Spuff my weed, puff inna the air
Mess up the whole damn atmosphere
Men I’m trying to be cool like my heart’s not bleeding
I’m even, acting Adam and Eve
Reading all the stuff that you written
I’m shivering
Holy garden of Eden

I’m feeling like Moses with a stick
Your legs like the ocean how they open up quick
It’s been a little rough
Thorns and thick
We fell for the aries and tongues and dicks
Let me remind you of this
My life like a movie, you are my Netflix
The rainbows up, Star don’t belish
Things that was talked back in primary 6 (six)

Girl you still mine
(Get at you)
Girl you know i can’t lie
(Get at you)

Girl you came into my life
When i need you the most
But then you left me, when i needed you the most
I’m all alone and am talking to a Ghost
Seems like you right there and i can feel you close

Maybe you another situation
We can plan a sit down and have a conversation
Because two wrongs never made it right
don’t never treat me like am not your favorite