Innoss’B – Mortel-06 Lyrics, Tracklist

Innoss’B Mortel-06 Lyrics Tracklist

On his sophomore release, singer-songwriter Innoss’B displays his versatility over 15 engaging tracks.

Offering Afropop, hip-hop, Afrohouse, R&B, and traditional Congolese instrumentation, Mortel-06 is a cocktail of engaging rhythms, hypnotic percussion, and melodic refrains.

While the emotive lyricism of “Adieu” meets the jazzy overtones of “Boutchou,” “Réponds Moi” delicately expresses yearning.

Upping the tempo is the dance-geared “Naomi Campbell,” before the Goma native’s album closer “Cherchons l’Argent” wraps infectious lyrics into a percussive soundscape with accentuated guitar strums.

Innoss’B Mortel-06 Tracklist;

  1. Innoss’B – Mortel-06 Lyrics
  2. Innoss’B – Adieu Lyrics
  3. Innoss’B – Eh Dieu Lyrics
  4. Innoss’B – Do Ré Mi Lyrics
  5. Innoss’B – Boutchou Lyrics
  6. Innoss’B – Toc Toc Lyrics
  7. Innoss’B – Sukali Lyrics
  8. Innoss’B – Kweli Lyrics
  9. Innoss’B – Bb De Bb Lyrics
  10. Innoss’B – Naomi Campbell Lyrics
  11. Innoss’B – African Girl Lyrics
  12. Innoss’B – Réponds Moi Lyrics
  13. Innoss’B – Minama Lyrics
  14. Innoss’B – A 2 Lyrics
  15. Innoss’B – Cherchons l’Argent Lyrics

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