J Hus – Daily Duppy Lyrics

J Hus Daily Duppy Lyrics (feat. GRM Daily)


Enter the place get the place popping
Deal with the pain don′t say nothing
If you look close see a tear dropping

Don’t answer the door that′s the Jake’s knocking
Don’t answer the phone, don′t know who′s ringing
I didn’t wanna stop til the crews winning
I swear I had a plan and a true vision
They closed down the youth clubs and build a new prison

Just lost my pop′s I weren’t close with him
But it felt like part of my soul′s missing
Gotta move on cuh the world keeps spinning
Take it from the streets but the streets in him
Had to tell a queen just keep grinning
Cuh your self-esteem needs refilling
Just fucked up my zoot it needs re-billing

Metaphor for the life that I been living
Cah I bit one fruit and it was forbidden
See your life fall apart from one poor decision
It’s only when you′re stressed you turn to religion
If you wanna conquer them then cause a division
Yeah I make a lot of bread but I’m stuck in the system
There’s no one like me cah I′m one in million
Never ask for your help but ask for assistance
I don′t ever say nothing, I watch from a distance
Every story I tell is non-fiction

Came out the court they gave me my bail conditions
What’s the point in being free when your brain′s in prison?
I’m by myself but I′m still with the coalition
You don’t make moves you′re only just hoping and wishing
Criticise me when your gang do a whole leap of snitching
It’s the remix ignition hot and fresh out of the kitchen
If Shaytan prayed today would he be forgiven?

From an adolescent, I never learned my lesson
If my name was Smith, they’ll have to add a Wesson
See my aggression, I left a bad impression
Self medicate myself through my depression
All I need is money man, I′m more than eager
I need to be a man, I need to be a leader
I need to bun a zoot, I need to bun a reefer

It′s Meek Mill and Omelly,
Nah that’s Hus and Creepa
The way I′ve been roasting I think I need a diva
Big bunda, she in the Bundesliga
But every time I buss I wish I never seen her
It’s like every time I buss I catch an amnesia

All I need is my notes and my calculator
I′ve been out of town tryna’ stay off the radar
Cut the tension with a razor
The next rare tear gone come with a laser
Sweet talker smooth operator
You ain′t ever never gonna shine cah you’re a big hater
Make 50 mil, become an innovator

Before I get taken away by the Malaikah

Risk taker not a compromiser
That’s why I had to run away from a coloniser
Never had a childhood like Lizzie McGuire
So I had to stack up and invest in a fire
Why wait for the return of the messiah?
When they scheming on me now when they try to conspire
Yeah I lost a lot of faith but now I pray harder
Still had to put a bullet in a slave master
Came looking for me couple days after
Don′t know I′m clued up I play the game smarter
All I see is bare opps and bare Garda
If I don’t see you now I′ll see you in the hereafter

Light a zoot and then I speak to my forefathers
Still now I don’t have all the answers
Movers and shakers not break-dancers
You still ain′t blown but had all the chances
I know you feel the force but can’t stop it
Yeah you can see it but you can′t touch it
Take me for a fool but I’m far from it
Now we shot lyrics not narcotics
How dare you put money in my opps pockets?
My mood goes up and down like the stock market
I had to finish it but I didn’t start it
I′m just a black hearted black bastard
You heard the tape blast then the mac blasted

The time your whole block got bombarded
There′s a war going on, don’t close your eyelids
I just raised hell just how I raised my kids

I didn′t bang off I just brandished it
I saw a bad man doing gymnastics
Saw your whole gang they was jumping ship
Big Bonsam make you jump when it kicks
Heard man chatting on a YouTube clip
The way I turn up and then cause an eclipse
Had a ting spitting fire like Charlie Clips
Had to get a safe-house out in the sticks
Bare mash and corn, not rice and peas
Double my eyes and I cross all my T’s
She wan′ eat me while I’m smoking trees

Too much chocolate give you diabetes
I hopped out the ride and did a bait tease
Gyal love me but they say I′m crazy
We spin in your ends and start talking grease
If you love me you’re gon’ get on your knees
Her milkshake brought me to her yard like Kelis
Long time you ain′t had a real good squeeze
I don′t want the whole cake, I just get a piece
Had to make a one move and go and get a cheese
Why these police wan’ put me on a leash?
I can′t even- I can’t even roll in peace
If you want a hook that′s like a hundred G’s
Just wait for my tape to release

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: J Hus, GRM Daily
  • Album: Daily Duppy
  • Released: 2019