Jon Batiste – Butterfly Lyrics

Jon Batiste Butterfly Lyrics

Butterfly all alone
But can you fly, on your own?
Take your place
In the world today
Butterfly fly home
Cherry plum and chewing gum
Mini-skirts and cars that hum
Driving ‘round with your head held high
Butterfly flying home

Stay awhile here with me
Up underneath the stars
When you go you’ll be free
‘Cuz you know who you are (you’re a butterfly)
Color scheme from a dream
A tapestry that’s so supreme
I mean I’ve never seen
Something so dang beautiful oh child
As a butterfly flying home
Flying home
Ooooh Whooa whooaa
Whaao whaaoo whaooo oohhh

You see I’m howling at the moon
Day and night (Awooohh)
They say I’m as crazy as a loon
But I’m alright
All dressed in white
Butterfly in the air
You can fly anywhere
A sight beyond compare
A sacred song
And a sacred tone
Butterfly flying home

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Dan Wilson, Jon Batiste
  • Album: World Music Radio
  • Released: 2023