Jordan – 27 Club Lyrics

Jordan 27 Club Lyrics

Enough is enough
Everyone is on a bender for months
I lost my friends are hitting on me bro
What the fuck doing?
This laws of those stupid cunt paranoid
I got nervous shakes
That’s a cocaine like kirkeby
He died at 27 at a certain

That is Amy Winehouse for the Johnson was the same Village Jimi
Hendrix of are great, It’s feel like I only think of a lie
This waste is hard to explain, but it’s a pain
They comes with him to my friends and my family
But when they needed anything, nothing me, you know
I think for coming and I’ve been planning
My Great Escape to give you my take him with me
Fuck him and they wrap both feed the ego

I wrap up the Feed My People 5G
I don’t listen to me
Do just another Street Depot of our new free load
One day, free on piece on everyone
My first we call a boy
Sami falling off and it has left me for him

After all, I did for him before Casto crime
He’s a puppy store I go shopping
I got the money tonight, how go whooping? Aw Christ
That’s of my friends suck it
Sideways it for us an affinity, stop it
Let me see. It’s pretty another
Even what topics amazing movie is brought up in a for crying when he got knocked out
I was buying is good and no radio couldn’t blast massages sighs
So a silence solitary confinement
Oh, no, his silence on violence, violence violence every day gun
Fight him followed by it.

I even write in both me alone
My kids always hit the road 2 microphones
I hate to spend the night alone
I hate spend the night alone, the faces of cyber, do the buddy system
They were hot, the highwomen hard approach for the sister for the police
Because I made it from a farmer grows at the graveyard
Speaking to my father broke
My best friend’s has a rustic over thermostats
And let’s just give me six enough money for my buck rash
I was assumed. Of the three Critical with a cold stress and sleep

And I need sleep as a rapper, but not his fault sweepers
40 bucks for two feet. Another hole with mileage is producers
London, London with me and my suit up my family’s
Whether it be my school as clapped my friends
Because they altered, you Dishonored, big rocks
Just got full of famous for no reason. God, still stuck brassicas his side

Open I’ll make it but I’ll still crack open on
Make it pop the strings with his Diaries strange Beast

Lowlife fucking lowlife lift on the wings of my dad took his own life
Just fucking low life, low life low life fucking lowlife lived on the wing
When my dad took his whole life for him
And it was cold night for buying the whole time gangster style
But in feel for my whole life
I know you’re proud
Now Pops I know you’re proud
Catch you alive, man

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