Josh A – DRIFT Lyrics

Josh A DRIFT Lyrics

I’m really doin’ this myself
Don’t need nobody
Don’t need help
And buddy, you ain’t been through hell and back
It’s funny, you ain’t dealt with that
You actin’ up on every track, you lyin’ you ain’t sellin’ that
You’re pretty good at actin’ man
You should get an award for that
Don’t tour for racks, It’s not about the money
Don’t perform for that, I focus on my artistry
Unlike the one’s I’m soaring past
I’m hoardin’ bags
If you want a verse I’ma need more for that
I’m scammin’ trash rappers
Man, they might take me me to court for that
Yeah, I did this independent
No percentage
I feel like a menace
Labels tellin’ you to dance and reinvent your image
After that it still flops
Now you’re on the choppin’ block
It’s so funny watch ’em changing’ day to day they see my album drop

Killin’ everyone, yeah, you know I’m feelin’ righteous
I got hella range, yeah you know my music timeless
I just rule the game, make me feelin’ like a tyrant
Death sentence, If you try to crush me
Ride the lightnin’

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Started this, I don’t need nothin’
I’m always ahead of my time
‘Cause nobody really doin’ this like me
Wanna bite my team but no matter how hard you try you won’t be me
Won’t be seen
Everybody talk to much, but I don’t really see them eat
This whole industry fake, I’m never trustin’ anybody

Yeah I made some millions, you ain’t even heard about me
Fake ones cross me, now they fallin’ off without me
Brushin’ off opinions, but I love it when they doubt me
Already lappin’ everyone, so go ahead and crown me

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