Fuck that, whoa, uh

Fuck that bitch, I changed the plan
Switch my style like I switch hands
Block the witness, take the stand
Fuck out the way, bitch, back it up
Shit better get played in a palace (Word)
I can’t treat n***** like big deals
Why put up a front? I’m callous
Bald (Ha)
I look like Ray Allen (For real)
These n***** make beats on big wheels
Your files is not a challenge (Nah)
Boy, you can’t rap for shit
Shuttlesworth blessed me with talent
Hairline proof God needs balance

My life was written already so I was gifted already
And with this God-given talent, I knew the Devil been met me
Can’t compare me to Jesus because he ain’t Noah’s father
He told me, “Please, be still and see that steel is revolver” (You right!)
‘Cause in my hood, these n***** poppin’ mollies and shootin’
I’m stressed the fuck out, that’s why I must commence to get zooted
I’m trapped in my head, between the thoughts of health and my wealth
Right next to being selfish and just being myself
The fast spitter, slash, cash, ghetto pass, sinner sippin’ bad liquor
It’s the n**** you may know, I’m the GOAT
To them clout-chasers and them ’bout-whatevers and them wave-riders
Told them that my life is not a boat, you can’t float (You right!)
Call me Zeltron when I’m rapping, call me Denzel when we fuck, ho
You’re allowed to touch me but I don’t wanna keep in touch, though (Wow)
Say I’m living comfortable because I’m making much dough
But I wasn’t happy, cut my hair and let the sluts go
Ever so softly, suicide has cost me
Did I lose my mind? I feel my head been lost me
Been a couple years and haven’t spoken to Lofty
Haven’t seen the family, only been with the posse
Couple gold plaques, scratch that off a gold list
Cold shit is getting diamond plaques by staying focused (Yuh!)
No whip, I won’t let ’em do me like Jahseh say
My mama say that I should pray ’cause demon comes in different shapes (Okay!)
Got that Stray Rats on my body ’cause Maurice don’t fuck with Bape (What?)
All these bars that I be writing make it hard for you to relate (Damn!)
Hesitate, I rarely do when fucking these hoes I barely knew
Overturning, starting new, can’t act like jit by 32
I’m 25, though, dreadlocks had your boy like Sideshow Bob
Can’t complain about too much because I’m on my job
Switch my look, I got ’em hooked, they call me ‘Young Heart-Throb”
I am (Bald!)