Damn Damn Damn
I feel like the new black hen rollins
N***** studying my footwork I’m James harden Bitch who it
Where ya going
Come here
I thought I told yo ass already
I ain’t from here
And yea we gotta to drive to la la
and you know why
gotta go & hurry through New Jersey
can’t pump there
I’m such a negative bitch
my friends turned on me
Then I turned rich
Sadam gommarah
When I turned back they was still talking shit Damn….
Hold my hand …
All my xes ex fans …
I Promise …
I swear the baby
some body and a new header
I did you
Like of course I could do better
What else ?
Gotta take more shots Get a good lead
Keep taking them shots Till the rim the bleed Till I succeed
Work like little Steve Working all day
I don’t take no sick leave
<In my sleep hear click beats Gotta keep swimming
Till that mother fucking ship leak Ah ha ah ha ah ha
A wha a wha a what?
a bitch just be fucking whoever
I fuck her she yours
She let him
Is this the price of having fans Babe
I’m so precise I’m always planned And
Afro thunder with the hands
On your head gonna be some ….
On my head must be some bands?
Gucci mane
I think U love her
Danny swain
I think I love her
Big nose in ****
I Feel like Andre igudula
the money put me in a trance
The label got me nudging stems
I need way more than that for an advance play with my money
Shit won’t go as planned
For sure
For sure