Juice WRLD – Fighting Demons Lyrics, Tracklist

Juice WRLD Fighting Demons Lyrics Tracklist

Released nearly two years to the day after his tragic death, Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album, ‘Fighting Demons‘ sounds even more haunted than the first.

As the title suggests, the songs here hinge on the rapper’s inner battles, and it’s a brutal listen. He goes round after round with his addictions, mental health, and self-destructive behaviours, seemingly fighting back and giving up in turns.

Metro Boomin’s gorgeous string-propelled production on opening track “Burn” brims with melancholy to set the mood for what’s to come—as Juice declares midway through, “The truth hurts, let it bleed out.”

Juice WRLD Fighting Demons Tracklist;

  1. Juice WRLD – Burn Lyrics
  2. Juice WRLD – Already Dead Lyrics
  3. Juice WRLD – You Wouldn’t Understand Lyrics
  4. Juice WRLD – Wandered To LA Lyrics (feat. Justin Bieber)
  5. Juice WRLD – Eminem Speaks Lyrics
  6. Juice WRLD – Rockstar In His Prime Lyrics
  7. Juice WRLD – Doom Lyrics
  8. Juice WRLD – Go Hard Lyrics
  9. Juice WRLD – Juice WRLD Speaks Lyrics
  10. Juice WRLD – Not Enough Lyrics
  11. Juice WRLD – Feline Lyrics (feat. Polo G, & Trippie Redd)
  12. Juice WRLD – Relocate Lyrics
  13. Juice WRLD – Juice WRLD Speaks 2 Lyrics
  14. Juice WRLD – Until The Plug Comes Back Around Lyrics
  15. Juice WRLD – From My Window Lyrics
  16. Juice WRLD – Girl Of My Dreams Lyrics (feat. SUGA, & BTS)
  17. Juice WRLD – Feel Alone Lyrics
  18. Juice WRLD – My Life In A Nutshell Lyrics

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