KayCyy – Look What I Found Lyrics

KayCyy Look What I Found Lyrics (feat. Lancey Foux)

Lay it down, clear it out
New sounds, verse whats now
Not fair grounds, but higher grounds
Headed to some millions, look what I found

Glass house, stone cold, throw stones
The winters cold
System breaks down
They left me with no way, but look what I found

Look what I found …


Look what I found
Lost a diamond, found it in my cavalli night gown
Kicking my shit like adesanya, we can go five rounds
Land off plane call up the man and tell him it’s my town
(shuusshhh) pipe down! New v12 with the pipes sounds
African man , so u know I can see with the lights out
Put too much time in the game, I don’t know about time out

Let me find out!
N***** ain’t loyal
Betraying they your friends— let me find out
Going to war, n***** playing the fence— let me find out
The baddie a 8 or a 9 or a 10 – let me find out
Look what I found! Blood on my shoe had to kick up a youth ,
Look what I found
Somebody’s friend when I’m building a zoo — look what I found!
We fuck up the world and we go to the moon— look what I found

Woke up on a plane and set up a play as soon I touched down
I gotta feeling they feeling a way so I gotta press now
I got lancey for the rage so how I can calm down ?

Hotel room right by the stadium I hear the touchdowns

Okay upping the price now , my clothes cost like the ice now ,
Nun free I’m thinking out loud , more money I need it right now

Been littt ain’t for the hype now

No exchange taking the higher ground
Favorite rappers tryna take the whole sound
Sound like who ? You can see what I found !!

Look what I found, smoke in the room then it gotta be me !
Look what I found, I’m rocking the brands that give me seat look what I found
We start a commotion disturbing the peace, loook what I found !

(not done) flyest in the room with a plain white t look what I found
I get balmain and marni for free
Got troops out in kenya they waiting on me (look what I found)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Lancey Foux, Mark Mbogo, Michael Washington Jr., Steven Shaeffer, Aidan Crotinger, Johan Lenox, Dominick Sarfo Sanford, Bálint Vodli, Jacob Wilkinson-Smith
  • Album: GET USED TO IT
  • Released: 2022