Keeya Keys – Accraholic Freestyle – Part 1 Lyrics

Keeya Keys Accraholic Freestyle Part 1 Lyrics, Keeya Keys Accraholic Freestyle Lyrics

Get your dirty hands off my mamacita
Can’t chat to a beach in the club cause I party every time I beef her
put gyal on the spot but I’m not a cheater
Scotland to Spain Henrik Larson
Control the whine I’m a dictator
I’m a catch Scott Carson
Need a gyal to marry suttin like Shayna
From a teenager never had paper
The Ghetto’s too normalised
Every corner you encounter shaytaan
Anytime anyone strike napalm
Anytime anyone strike Chiesa
That gyal warn Menage et trois
A problem shared is a problem solved so I took it to my spiritual teacher
cant fuck if I ain’t had a bath
Live your life right cah death come fast
Come you see me you might cum fast
You, get the point like a compass
Heads turn when I come past
Only the truth’s gonna last so
It’s like a write my bars with a rosary I could cross my heart
Don’t cross my path
Problem will get fixed back into place osteopath
I’m burst on business class
My mistress asked
Why don’t reply
I’m in accra
With new SIM card
I need a princess with a thick ass
If I do business, man don’t business
Make sure you bring the prof back quick fast

Ever seen a devil in sheep’s clothing
He cried wolf and he disappeared
One phone call is all I need to make the situation weird
I call my new girl COVID cause I know it’s gonna end in tiers
Trust me I never been sincere
I’ll risk it all right for shensea
H told me he’s feeling a new girl
I’m so nosy I’m like let’s see her
She try put on a front but I know that
The back look way sexier
Please don’t treat me like a messiah
Cause it’s only gonna end messier
I’m Ronaldinho I don’t feel fear
Dance with the game till my tings gone clear