Kelly Clarkson – chemistry Lyrics

Kelly Clarkson chemistry Lyrics

You know I’m pretty much the worst with timin’
I found out I need it as the curtain’s callin’
Can you take it all away? Take it back to nothin’
‘Cause I don’t really trust you and I don’t trust me
You know, chemistry, it can sneak up on ya
One day, you can turn around and feel a part of
A magic you can’t deny in the moment
No matter how curiosity warns ya

I can’t help but want you, help but love you
Help me, somebody, raise my heart
I’ve been broken into, how’d you get in me?
Now you’re something that I just can’t resist

You know, I’ve gotten really good at pretendin’
Sometimes, I’ll even start believin’
That you don’t mean a thing to me, I was dreamin’
Then I close my eyes and I’m right back fallin’ for this

Hopeless, wonder what feels like home
And you’re walkin’ this way as my words escape me
I’m paralyzed by the look in your eyes
I wanna feel this forever inside


Come on over, hold me closer
Fall into my arms and never let go
Oh, our chemistry (Chemistry) cuts me deep (Cuts me deep)
I stay away ’cause ’round you, my heart breaks

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Erick Serna, Jesse Shatkin, Kelly Clarkson
  • Album: chemistry
  • Released: 2023