KLY – Savagely Her Lyrics

Kly 2minutes2late Ep

KLY – 2minutes2late EP

KLY Savagely Her Lyrics


[Verse 1]
All them other
All them other, ayy
All them other niggas practice (Practice)
I’m pretty sure right now you insecure (‘Cure)
They made you think you’re not the standard (Standard)
Who really cares? ‘Cause they’re not yours, you’re not theirs
You’re still here, girl you’re still here
Wipe your tears ’cause they all fear, when you are you
Baby when you are you
Ain’t nothing worse when you’re calling in need of attention and I’m busy baby
Pick up the phone and I’m calling, push the start on the whip girl, I’m on my way, yeah
It’s funny how I’m the only nigga, the only nigga you’re playing games with, yeah
I guess I’ll let it slide ’cause you and I, we both on the same shit


[Verse 2]
Your body has been dipped in gold, you’re beautiful
Your tears are filled with hearts you’ve broken, nobody knows
You’re alone, you have no one to call
Your WhatsApp is going on and on
You’re tryin’ to find love in the jungle, girl yes you are
Yes you are baby
You know you’re gon’ get into trouble, if you fall in love with me
But you won’t do it anyway
You choose your heart over everything, girl I won’t stop you
No I won’t, I won’t stop you

Written by; KLY
Produced by; Hercules Beatz
Released date; 2 September, 2020
Album/EP; 2minutes2late

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