Knocked Loose – Where Light Divides the Holler Lyrics

Knocked Loose Where Light Divides the Holler Lyrics

Floating around the bend
Floating around the bend

Where light divides the holler
Body is merged between moss and stone
Where blood finds color
She dissolves in the bank and I’m left alone

Writhing in the clay (The water rises and sways)
Betray the human shape (The water takes you away)

Final embrace

Tangled in the vine
Shackled to the floor of the Earth
My vision restored
From the fog you emerge

Carried by standing water
We collide with shoulder and steel
Sundered from your spirit lays your body
The sense of touch reminds me that it’s real

And from within you, I hear a whimper
A voice echoes in an empty form
Inside my head, you say I told you so
We should’ve left before the storm

A tear in the fabric of life

We have each other and that’s all we’ll ever need

I crawl out of the river
Shaking hands with blood underneath my nails
I am reborn in a life without you