L.A.M.B – Receipts Lyrics

L.A.M.B Receipts Lyrics (feat. Ko-Jo Cue), Loose Kaynon Receipts Lyrics, A-Q Receipts Lyrics, M.I Abaga Receipts Lyrics, Blaqbonez Receipts Lyrics

What do you mean (what do you mean)
Wetin you dey talk (wetin you dey talk)
Like olosho wey dey ride customer, I dey on my job
Got to hit the gym with my n***** ‘cos everybody don chop
Money rolling in like a rollie n****, keep coming non-stop
Baby girl ki lon pop, wanna help you girl to buss up
Be like say you dey play for upbeat center

Everything around you just soft
Blaqbonez drop album, A-Q, Loose, me sef don drop
No be my fault, Boomplay talk say make we give you dis wan on top (dis wan on top)
Let’s spend a weekend in Accra, Alvin pulling up in a Porsche
Enter convoy and test road, nobody moves its inertia
Family business and mob ties, that shit really matters like black lives

Enemies trying to capsize (where they at?)
Keep getting wet like they baptized
See they CV (resume strong)
We get receipts (we get receipts)
It’s that brand new ??, Q and MI, put it on repeat
Ask about my exploits girl, my story e dey for streets

Rappers wey I don frustrate with my flow so magnifique
Yo tell your mans, we don’t do that here
Over here we make food and share
Whole team winning everything good and fair
Everything that we need appear
(On the roof and it’s still hot here?)

What you do with your crew and your guys and your wife
My n**** truth is that, we could not care
We never notice your absence
We think about you in past tense
You could use help, with your fashion
But don’t like that be your distraction
‘Cos we ready with that action

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Loose Kaynon, A-Q, M.I Abaga, Blaqbonez, PsychoYP
  • Released: 2022