Leikeli47 – Jay Walk Lyrics

Leikeli47 Jay Walk Lyrics (feat. Miss J Alexander)

Miss j: who am I? Miss j better known as j. Alexander. I was coaching models how to walk down the catwalk for a lot of designers, back in the early nineties. You know, a good walk can be a first degree offense.

Kicking up the dirt as I pull up my skirt
When I walk by bitch they all on alert
Chat to my back, in my face they revert
‘round table hoes / I just eat them for desert
Eenie, meenie, miny, mo
You can be first
Taking all flags when you play on my turf
Even if I’m down two, I still assert
No weakness hold court in the dirt

I sensation
And this beat is straight violation
Off parole and no probation
Put it in the air / turn off your location
Puff pass, don’t fuck up rotation
Only top shelf for the shit I’m facing
Go grab you a cold libation
And keep your foot on they necks
Jay walk

Jay walk
Keep your foot on their necks

Miss j: well I also tell a girl that she has to own the room. Because owning the room, shehas to be able to have all eyes on her; so she has to be fierce when she’s walking.

Left foot / right foot

My life / my dime
Both spent / just fine
To the the top / I climb
One word / primetime
Damn right, but in the meantime
You might wanna tell ya man to stay off my line
Too busy putting in double overtime
Type of vibe that’ll keep you up past your bedtime

I catch a felony with the melody
First degree / call the deputy
I stay aligned / callit heavenly
I’m always in tune / throw away the key
One of one / we having fun
A new day / but never done
Just got a call / 100 k
Gotta run / jay walk

Jay walk
Keep your foot on their necks

Miss j: …. Which foot to start with. For example I always tell a girl, if you walk out and you land on your right foot, then you use your right foot to stop walking; if you walk out and land on your left foot, then you use your left foot and you stop walking. So it is sort of left foot, right foot, right foot, left foot.

Left foot / right foot

Miss j: what other challenges a girl may face? Well, it depends on the music. Classic versus pop, versus opera, versus hip hop, versus lk-47 baby. You got it, and on that note, I’m a j walk right outta here. Bye.

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