Lil Durk – 7220 (Deluxe) Lyrics, Tracklist

Lil Durk 7220 Deluxe Lyrics Tracklist

7220 (pronounced seven, two, two, oh) is the deluxe edition of the seventh studio album by American rapper, Lil Durk released via Alamo Records, LLC/Sony Music Entertainment.

When Lil Durk barks the first line of “AHHH HA”—“Don’t! Respond! To shit! With Von!”—it sounds like a mantra more than anything else.

Since losing friend and collaborator King Von in November 2020, Durk has been antagonised by online trolls calling openly for retaliation to his friend’s murder.

Lil Durk is tired of it and has channelled his frustration into “AHHH HA”. He dedicates a fair portion of the song to calling out the kind of hare-brained criminals who would commit a crime and then post about it on social media, distinguishing himself from these amateurs: “Keep the police out my business, we don’t post shit!” he raps.

Lil Durk 7220 Album Lyrics Tracklist; 

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