Lil Tjay – Good Life Lyrics

Lil Tjay Good Life Lyrics

And no police would never just stop me
Felt like I was just stuck by the ocky
Prolly book a n****, only way a n**** really got cheese
I was broke, oh
That shit was no joke, noo-oh

Good life
Came in the game, too official, stay focused, got money and stood right
Hit after hit I’ma drop for my fans, give a f**k what the hood likes
Gun up on me, better not run up on me
Pussy wishin’ I would fight, better not wishin’ I would fight
Take a shot to the good life

I gotta focus on rolls, focused on goals
Packin’ out, sellin’ these shows, no time to focus on hoes
Designer clothes, trust me, this shit cost a lot
Quick run they gon’ leave an opp
They say I’m hot, lotta blue hunnids on me
Lawyer fees here, what you got?
I’m that man in my city, what you sayin’ n****? Get with me
Quick to spray a n****, don’t fear any n****, I’m Lil Tjay, baby, not 50
Put that work in, they finally woke
They gon’ eat every word that they spoke
I’m the realest
Just havin’ a hell of a run
I been tellin’ nn****s I was the one
Superstars on my body
Havin’ my way in this life, havin’ fun

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Lil Tjay
  • Album: Good Life
  • Released: 2024