Lil Wayne – Tunechi Rollin’ Lyrics

Lil Wayne Tunechi Rollin Lyrics

G5 sitting on the runway
Big-ass chopper, call that bitch “Beyoncé”
This for my dogs locked down all day
Money, power, respect: three the hard way
I put some real n***** on their feet, boy
So they’ll kill anyone for me, boy
Yeah, YMCMB, boy
Young Tunechi, fresh to death, Rest In Peace, boy

My gat bang, your hat hang, I ride off with Mack Maine
I drink Patron straight, you n***** keep that champagne
My Pa is the Birdman, I’m rich as a white man
I come to your show and kill you and your hype man
We rollin’, let’s roll out, my bitches don’t hold out
They got Marley G, I gotta bond my lil bro out
Let my dreads grow out, my bitch got a blow out
Mi casa, su casa: my house is a ho house
Only fuck with real n*****, Polo, fuck that Hilfiger
Yeah, I’m on a pill, n****, feed you to my lil n*****
Shout out to my big homies, Fee-Fee and T-Streets
Scope on that AK, make me take a sneak peek
T, roll another one, razor blade under tongue
You ain’t never seen this watch, n****, this a one of one
You n***** is Honey Bun, your girlfriend a ton of fun
Chopper with a drum, motherfucker, give the drummer some
Blunt fat like my blunt a thumb, suck a n**** dick or somethin’
Pop that pussy for me, then wild out and give my n***** some
I’ma do my thing, I put that on Nicki Minaj
I need a bad redbone to come give my dick a massage
I’m talking big money, I’m talking heavyweight
I cut down on the syrup, now I’m in better shape
I’m from New Orleans, n****, where you ain’t never safe
You fuck with me; I drop you off in front of Heaven gates
Okay, jump off a building, jump out a window
Smoke like a junkie and fuck like a nympho
Drink like a goldfish, that’s right, you know this
Hold up; Click-clack! Okay, I’m reloaded
Fuck with Lil Tunechi, I’m good, I’m Gucci
Wild as Ryu, I hit you with that “Hadouken”
My money too long, n****, my weed too strong, n****
Fuck everybody, I’m in my own zone, n****

Uh, and every time you see me, I’m wet, and I’m rollin’
Tunechi, Rest In Peace, fresh to death and I’m rollin’
‘Bout to fuck a bitch I just met ’cause she rollin’
N****, we rollin’, n****, I’m rollin’
Gotta keep a towel, I’ma sweat ’cause I’m rollin’
Goin’ at a bitch n****’s neck ’cause I’m rollin’
Damn, ma, I ain’t come yet ’cause I’m rollin’
Bitch, I’m rollin’

Young Mula, baby
Sorry 4 The Wait