Lil Yachty – YAE ENERGY Lyrics

Lil Yachty YAE ENERGY Lyrics, YAE ENERGY Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Psychin’ out
Bro pullin pistols on anyone
Hopped out the car with a big Sk
Grip it under my arm like a mini gun
N**** think he can take any of my hoes
And sit back watch em
Receive a Cinnabon
Rent out a house and we fly in some hoes
On my mama
The ratio 10 to 1

All of my exes look at me like god
I tell no façade
Buy her a car but it’s still in my name
If that bitch try to leave
Take it back like Rashad

600 thousand I stuffed in a pod
Ten different bitches
We made them hoes mosh
Maison margiela soap when I wash
Give me that mouth
If yo body is botched

Two different cribs
I had bought for the fuck of it
Making so much guap
I don’t know what to do with this shit
But I promise I’m lovin’ it

Bitch is a bird
On my mama I’m dubbin’ it
Dub edition on the rims
Im thuggin it
Bro off a x tryna x something out

N***** want smoke
Tryna see what I’m bout
Im with they bitch
Tryna live in her mouth

N***** not rich
On my mama
N***** cold bitch
N***** a fold quick
Look in his eyes
he’ll sho’ll snitch

Up that fire
On his ass
Bet he change pitch
Left my hot head brother home
He too dangerous

Oh shit, rocky road
He not tough, he told
150 my shows
Pull up with three model bitches
Coca-cola nose
Kamikaze middle of the party
My nose feel extra snotty
My deposit Mona Lisa profit
Can’t fit in no one’s wallet
Who is watching and fuck her on the balcony

Where MLK died
My wrist tied up
Watch worth a life
Trade it for a soul
Red beam on top of the pole
accuracy on Norris Cole