Logic – Introducing Nezi Lyrics

Logic Introducing Nezi Lyrics (feat. Nezi Momodu)

It’s not gonna stop (Y- y- yeah)
You can’t continue
It’s not gonna stop (Y- y- yeah)

Ayy, why you rappers so scared to put others on?
Any musician I find, I let ’em shine like Tron
Press the demo and pass it person to person, yeah it’s on
Watch it spread like Omicron, bringin’ the doom like Victor Vaughn
Smash your nuts, just your nuts on a dresser like Raekwon
Doin’ it for the culture, Cs up as this lyricism assault you
Like a Glock blast, in my own lane, smashin’ the gas
You furious, I’m too fast like Ludacris, bitch
Sippin’ Sandeni in a village of Greenwich
I’m in it and feel it, infinite with it, if you want it, then come and get it
Steady in the gym, nothin’ but curls like I’m Hasidic
Too sick with it, since back when my cap was fitted
But nowadays, you know I’m snappin’, motherfucker
The Game told me we was just some rappin’ motherfuckers
Word to Compton, all the way to Gaithersburg, my stompin’
Legends love Logic, peep my features alone (Y- y- yeah)
Haters talk shit, fans is like “Leave him alone”
Don’t worry, RattPack, I ain’t worried ’bout that
I’d rather be loved by legends with careers that really last
Than accepted by some weirdo on YouTube with a podcast
Retired, now I’m back, no fucks, havin’ a blast
Tell me, what do you do when you sold out The Garden?
What do you do with the audience you brought in?
What do you do when you made all the money?
Pass the baton and let the next one take it from me
Found a strong black woman from the land of Nigeria
The way she flows, these MCs know that they inferior
Helpin’ other musicians is my criteria
Now let me pass the mic to Nezi, show ’em something serious

Well, it’s the lyrically homicidal, vital
Spittin’ for your idol, vital
For the Gs, ain’t somebody hot as me, prodigy
Probably be on your favorite rapper in another three
Honestly, my articulation’s an anomaly
Audibly switchin’ these flows like clothes
Get big dough, when I rip these ho’s
Watch the way I do’s this, murder on acoustics
Run for your gun ’cause I’m waxed, I be ruthless
N-E-Z-I, triple D, I stay up on the chrome, 24s like T.I
Soldier in my city like a motherfuckin’ G.I
My niggas got a whole lotta money like BIA, bitch
Quick with the game, one hitter spitter is my fuckin’ nickname
A ship that can’t rip is my other diss dame
So don’t ask me if I write, ’cause my pen is insane
This a lunch-in, I don’t gotta punch in
If I clock a hater, they can meet me in the dungeon
I be with the ghouls, told you, I’m a fool
Bobby ain’t the only rapper runnin’ with the tool
I’m cruel if I reach you, I ain’t gotta beat you, I’ll eat you
Big bitch spittin’ in my name, that’s Zepha
Pass me the reefer, y’all gettin’ smoked
And if I’m not the illest, who you feelin’ is jokes, huh

Yes, Logic, Nezi, Funk Flex (Y- y- yeah)
Haha, this is easy, this is easy (Y- y- yeah)

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Arjun Ivatury, Khalil Abdul-Rahman, Nezi Momodu, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
  • Album: Vinyl Days
  • Released: 2022