Logic – Michael Rap Lyrics

Logic Michael Rap Lyrics

Yo, Logic, or Bobby, or whatever the fuck your name is these days
Bobby or MC Logic, MC Bobby, MC nobody gives a shit
It’s Michael Rapaport
Yo, I know you asked me to do a skit on your album
And I told you “Yeah, I would do a skit on your album”
And I said I was a fan, I was lyin’, okay?
Umm, I’m not doin’ a fuckin’ a skit on your album
Everybody’s talkin’ about bars and all that shit
Dude, no one cares, man
Before I fuck, get yourself some autotunes
Stop textin’, I’ll block you
I don’t wanna block you but I will block you ‘fore
Biracial motherfucker, you, you half-cooked cocksucker

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Koal Harrison, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Steve Wyreman
  • Album: Vinyl Days
  • Released: 2022