Logic – NEMS Lyrics

Logic NEMS Lyrics

Yo Logic man, this is NEMS
Lemme tell you something bout’ yourself
Don’t ever disrespect me
Lookin’ like “Squints” from the Sandlots, you heard?
Don’t ever disrespect me with them Bi-vocals on bro, tryna’ rap
You can’t even see your raps if you wrote them down
You heard? With them shits
Listen, don’t ever disrespect me with that hairline, bro
That shit is triggerin’, bro
That shit gets me angry man
Don’t ever disrespect me with half-curly, half-straight hair bro
What type of shit is that?
Don’t ever disrespect me lookin’ like a black and white cookie
Matter of fact
Don’t ever disrespect me lookin’ like an inside-out Oreo, bro
Don’t ever disrespect me calling yourself “Young Sinatra”, bro
You ain’t even got that type of swag, bro
Stop frontin’ for the people
You know the vibes, man
Fuck your life, bing bong

    Lyrics Details:

  • Written by: Koal Harrison, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Steve Wyreman
  • Album: Vinyl Days
  • Released: 2022